Articles, Education, and Exhibits.

Sketchbooks page, Access Art, Visual Arts Learning, UK.

Reflective Stories: Using sketchbooks and journals in art, design and related subjects, Exhibition at the University of Manchester, UK. The Holden Gallery.

The Harvest of Endurance. Tells the methods and story telling abilities of the scroll and the Gong Bi style of drawing, painting, visual techniques, and Chinese contact with Australia. National Museum of Australia.

Undercover Artists Sketchbooks. (10 artists). Exhibition, with sketchbooks online. Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University. 19th and 20th century artists. Press release. 2006 Exhibit Archive web site page.

The Campaign for Drawing, UK. Check out resources link.

Visual Directions. This is a guide for textile and fashion design students. It has very useful information about keeping sketchbooks and on reflective writing. University of the Arts, London.

Visual Learning web site. Learn Higher Resources. UK.

20th Century to Contemporary.

The Sketchbook Project, and Library (touring). Participate in the ongoing sketchbook project, hosted by Art-House Co-op.

Ernst Kirchner. 3 sketchbooks online here. Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

Pablo Picasso. Je Suis Le Cahier: Sketchbooks of Picasso. Grove/Atlantic 1996. (book)

The Picasso Notebooks. Overview of 6 sketchbooks. (Mac/Win CD-rom)

William Gedney. Online sketchbook of people/crowds on the subway. 1957. Pending digitization.

Andre Breton: Dossier Dada. By Tobia Bezzola. Hatje Cantz. 2005. (book)

George Seurat. 4 sketchbooks online here, part of larger exhibit on Seurat and drawing. Artist Eduardo Salavisa has gathered sketchbook pages by many artists, i.e. travel graphic diaries. A must see!

Curator’s Choice: Sketchbooks. Smithsonian, Archives of American Art.

Detour – moleskine project. Notebooks and sketchbook project, from major cities.

Subway life. António Jorge Gonçalves. Inventive online presentation of his sketches of people on subways in 10 cities. Adobe Flash Player is needed.

Birders sketchbooks dedicated online gallery here.

Lucy Maud Montgomery. A writer’s scrapbooks online.

Lloyd Rees, sketchbook pages archive. Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia.

Pre 20th Century.

Goya: Drawings from His Private Albums (exhibit)Juliet Wilson-Bareau, Lund Humphries Publishers. 2004. Goya’s lost private sketchbook. Telegraph article on the exhibit with one image. 2001.

Jacques-Louis David, Sir Edward Burnes-Jones, John Singer Sargent and more; 1 @ Art Institute Chicago

Leonardo Da Vinci, online gallery, British Library. With sketchbooks and models of his inventions.

Conrad Martens Sketchbooks I and III. Martens accompanied Darwin on the voyage of the Beagle.

William Hind’s, Overlander’s of ’62 Sketchbook. < some images are larger paintings.