Many of the busy mythological drawings in this sketchbook, 1535, are of subjects taken from ancient sculpture, and probably inspired by works of art seen in Rome.

Amico Aspertini, the artist, was a muralist and an ‘eccentric’ church painter.


The sketchbook is bound in a vellum envelope with a flap, containing 48 numbered leaves with sketches on the right and left pages, and inside covers.


Pen and brown ink, and/or black chalk, with brown wash, heightened with white, on vellum.


Artist: Amico Aspertini.

1535 Italy
Mythological subjects, 1535. Image source: British Museum. Dept. of Prints and Drawings.
1535 - Italy
Two philosophers and a St. Sebastian in front of the Colosseum, 1535. Image source. British Museum. Dept. of Prints and Drawings.