Betty Goodwin
Note with Wires, 1974. Image source:






Two different views of the idea of a sketchbook by one Artist.

“The artist plays on the construction of wire-bound sketchbooks, setting up an image of exquisite tension, with the fragile paper being held taut by the two extended wires” (description from National Gallery of Canada). 1974. 


[Etching with wire and scotch tape on japan paper laminate on wove paper.]


Goodwin carried her notebook (sketchbook) with her all the time. She wrote down things she saw take place when she walked down the street any particular day, as well as putting down her thoughts about personal situations, and feelings. These all came together with her plans and thinking about art works in her notebooks. She donated 85 of them, upon her death in 2008, to the Art Gallery of Ontario, which were on display in 2010 in the exhibition At Work: Hesse, Goodwin, Martin.


Artist: Betty Goodwin.



Betty Goodwin
Betty Goodwin, Notebook. Photo Courtesy of Craig Boyko, AGO Photographer Art Gallery of Ontario.